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Audition Notice – ‘The Adventures of Snow White’ (8 April 2023)

Audition Notice: The Adventures of Snow White

Well, it’s that time of year again!

Scott James, Sarah Campbell and Nicky Bate are looking for a fabulous cast for The Adventures of Snow White, to run at Erith Playhouse from 6 – 20 January 2024.

Auditions will take place at the Playhouse on Saturday 8 April at 10AM.

Here is a breakdown of the parts we are looking for:

SNOW WHITE – Principal Girl. Sweet, caring with a good heart. Courageous and very much the hero of the story.

PRINCE CHARMING – Principal Boy. Kind, dashing and friendly. Ideally looking for a male principal boy.

SARAH THE COOK – The pantomime dame. Good audience connection, ad-libbing and capacity to rescue things on the spot is essential, but ALSO is the ability to learn the lines accurately and know them inside out.

FAIRY BOW BELLS – In the wrong pantomime as Gemma Collins has stolen her part in “Dick Whittington.” Making the best of it.

THE QUEEN – Wicked, vain and cruel. Possesses dark magic and will do anything to be the fairest in the land.

THE MIRROR– Lovely cameo part. The Queen’s ethereal servant.

BIG SCARY GHOST – Ghost in the traditional pantomime ghost section. Will also double up as a member of crew who is constantly called on stage.

The ‘not-so-little-men’; ideally we are looking for an all-female ensemble for these parts:

SMARTY – The self-imposed leader of the group.
SASSY – Sharp tongued and flamboyant.
SCAREDY – Scared of his own shadow but has more courage than even he knows.
SOLEMN – Moody, grumpy and ill-tempered.
SILLY – Very dopey. Doesn’t speak until the end when it is revealed he isn’t actually so silly.
SNOOZY – Just wants his next sleep.
SMILEY – Always upbeat. Desperate to tell a joke, but doesn’t ever seem to be allowed.

Then we have the CHORUS of boys and girls and we are looking for people who have enthusiasm, talent and, most of all, energy!

Rehearsals will commence mid-October 2023 and will keep going until January 2024, with a brief break over the Christmas period. Commitment is of the essence and we need people who can commit to the rehearsal process; we can work around the odd absence, but we must be notified of any absences with plenty of notice.

The auditions will consist of everyone being taught a dance routine by Nicky and Sarah will teach a little bit of the opening number of the show. We will then look at extracts from the show for the acting side.

Let us know if you’re interested and we look forward to hearing from and seeing you at the auditions. If you have any other enquiries or would like details of the audition materials, please do not hesitate to contact Scott James by email:

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