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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1970)

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart
Directed by John McLaren
19 – 26 September 1970

Freely adapted from the surviving plays of Plautus, this show ran for three years on Broadway with Zero Mostel as the cowardly slave, Pseudolus. The first British production, with Frankie Howerd, ran almost as long and spawned the TV series Up Pompeii! “A Funny Thing…” was only Sondheim’s third musical and the first for which he wrote the score as well as the lyrics. On the first two, West Side Story and Gypsy, he had written lyrics only. It opened on Broadway in May 1962 and ran for 964 performances.


Senex, a citizen of Rome – Peter Leggett
Domina, his wife – Betty Bailey
Hero, their son – Andrew Wright
Pseudolus, slave to Hero – Louis Cox
Hysterium, head slave to the House of Senex – Bill Harris
Lycus, a dealer in courtesans – Mike Rand
Erronius, a citizen of Rome – Alex Baird
Philia, a virgin – Annette Marchant
Miles Gloriosus, a warrior – Alan Bowman
Tintinabula, a Courtesan – Linda Pollard
Panacea, a Courtesan – Betty Gray
The Geminae, Courtesans – Joanna Baird, Judith Baird
Vibrata, a Courtesan – Doreen Sackman
Gymnasia, a Courtesan – Christine Giles
The Proteans – John Farrell, Neal Jarman, John Marchant
Prologus – Louis Cox


Musical Director – Sydney Walworth
Choreography – Doreen Sackman
Stage Manager – Phil Carter
Assistant Stage Manager – Margaret Baird
Set Design – Phil Carter
Set Build – Guild Workshop
Lighting – Sheila Fryatt
Properties – Jennifer Farrell, Marilyn Palmer, Vivian Hollingsworth, Lesley Rowlands
Wardrobe – Joan Robarts
Assistant – Diane Packham

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