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A Voyage Round My Father

A Voyage Round My Father
Written by John Mortimer
Directed by Colin Burring
10 – 15 November 1980

There were days when the Father could see and days when the Father could not see, in this tale seen through the eyes of the perennial son as viewed from the trellis surrounded, as if for protection, by an enormous garden. The tale grows in turns and twists upon allusion and reversals, all crisply dramatic and really not so comical as at first glance.


Father – John Wharton
Son – Maurice Tripp
Mother – Mavis Dunphy
Son (as a boy) – Martin Tripp
Iris – Dawn Lyon
Ringer Lean – Reg Higley
Reigate – Anthony Hullett
Headmaster – Graeme Horner
Ham – Colin Bailey
Japhet – Alan James
Matron – Cathy Burring
Mrs Reigate – Kathy Clarke
Miss Baker – Cathy Burring
Miss Cox – Kathy Clark
Boustead – Colin Bailey
Mr Thong – Reg Higley
First Judge – Alan James
Sparks – Graeme Horner
Doris – Cathy Burring
First ATS – Kathy Clark
Second ATS – Susan Neville
Camera Man – Reg Higley
Sound Man – Colin Bailey
Film Director – Alan James
Props Girls – Elizabeth Hunt, Pauline Ellard, Heather Pearce
Elizabeth – Gill Rafferty
George – Graeme Horner
Morrow – Alan James
Social Worker – Susan Neville
Witness – Kathy Clark
Second Judge – Reg Higley
Grandchildren – Martin Tripp, Anthony Hullett, Dawn Lyon
Doctor – Colin Bailey


Stage Manager and Set Designer – Elizabeth Hunt
Assistant Stage Manager – Betty Bailey
Properties – Pauline Ellard, Heather Pearce, Joyce Gardiner, Trevor Coleman
Lighting – C. Doyley-Watkins
Sound – Mike Auvray
Wardrobe – Joan Robarts, Andrea Hammond, Marjorie Sawyer