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Aladdin (2005)

Written by Phillip Pearce
Directed and Produced by Phillip and Janet Pearce
8 – 22 January 2005

Traditional Erith panto fun!


Widow Twankee – Graham Frosdick
Wishy Washy – Ian Humphreys
Abanaza – David Maun
Slave of the Ring – Nicky Bate
Aladdin – Holly Jarman
Ping Pong the Panda – Suzy Pearce
Ant-Ton – Graham Peters
Dek-Ing – Michael Bate
Vizier Ray-Ling – Peter Richardson
Emperor Week-Ling – Clive Madel
Princess Jasmin – Jenny McKiernan
Slave of the Lamp – Phill Pain

Chorus: Lisa Bennet, Jenny Brookes, Kaylie Griffiths, Nicola Milner, Tamsin Renno, Jamie Floyd, John Lidbury, Simon Nuckley, John Shanley


Choreographer – Stella Jarman
Musical Director – Andy Hall
Stage Managers – Len Huntley, Eric White, Eric Crichton
Set Design – Christine Angell
Set Painting – Christine Angell, Polly Owen, Jane Richardson, Liz Vile
Set Building – “The Over 60s Club”
Lighting Design – Peter Bennett
Lighting – Wendi Freeman, Alan Hunt, Pam Hunt, Polly Owen, Emma Stewart
Intelligent Lighting Programmer – Simon Dinsmore
Properties – Sue Newman, Nicky Humphreys, Diane Frosdick, Liz Prince-Harding
Dame’s Costumes – Carole Bramall
Wardrobe – Carole Bramall, Molly Graham and Marjorie Sawyer
Chinese Dragon Head – Roger Butler
Ping Pong’s Costume – Originally Designed by Elizabeth Foster
Wigs – Christine Angell
Prompts – Shelley Peters, Margaret Penny
Keyboard – Andy Hall
Bass Guitar – Graham Durrant

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