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Alfie (1965)

Written by Bill Naughton
Directed by James March
27 – 30 October 1965

The ultimate amoral “swinger”, Alfie swaggers and philosophizes his way through a parade of ‘birds’ in 1960s London, allowing the audience to eavesdrop as he goes. When one carefree entanglement proves too close for even Alfie’s comfort, the “swinger” lands with a thud. A hit in London, this story became a classic film that made a star of Michael Caine as the title cad.


Alfie – Keith Reynolds
Siddie – Kathy Clark
Gilda – Jennifer Jones
Humphrey – Alex Baird
Doctor – Madge Varnham
Harry Clamacraft – Peter Pavitt
Joe – Louis Cox
Lily Clamacraft – Pat Dole
Nurse – Viviane Grainger
Annie – Diane Montague
Lacey – Gordon Lawrence
Lefty – Peter Lamb
Flo – Avis Taboni
Ruby – Daisy May Mulcahy
Sharpey – Derek Borrett
Vy – Anita Pepper
Mr. Smith – Derek Wharton


Stage Manager – Denis Bailey
Assistants – Viviane Grainger and Frankie Jarvis
Lighting – Sheila Walker
Sound – Cliff Barlett
Set Design – Denis Bailey
Set built by – Chris Crooks and Theatre Guild Workshop