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Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1965)

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
A Pantomime Written and Directed by Robert Pettyfer
2 – 16 January 1965

This was the theatre’s 250th production.


Captain of the Guard – Mike Rand
Sin (Tu-Telali) – Keith Jarman
Bad (In-Beli) – Michael Hughes
Ali Baba – John Marchant
Mustapha – Peter Denyer
Morgiana – Katie Smith or Janice Shipway
Cassim – Robert Pettyfer
Princess Isyad – Jeanne Millett
Jezabel – Margaret Reader
Dame Phulnana – T Hadley Prestage
The Sultan – Robert Kimber
The Sultana (Kasin-Mari-Hal) – Jennifer Jones
Prudence – Richard Stone and Don Morris

Harem Dancers – Stella Kirby, Diane Montague, Anne Pitman, Angela Parris, Margaret Robinson, Jayne Soan, Janice Shipway and Jane Shaw

The Forty Thieves – Ted Brooks, Tony Bate, Mick Bennett, Chris Crooks, Don Morris, Keith Reynolds, Richard Stone, Mike Rand and John Hall.


Musical Director and Piano – Trevor Payne
Bass and Clarinet – Des Simmonds
Trombone – Fred Clark
Drums – A. Friend


Choreographer – Margaret Reader
Stage Manager – Louis Cox
Assistant Stage Manager – Janet Hawtin and Jill Hodder
Settings designed by – Robert Pettyfer and Denis Osborne
Costumes designed by – Robert Pettyfer
Decor – Fred Arundel and Guild Members
Sets Constructed in – Guild Workshop
Properties – Sylvia Foster and Jennider Fryat
Princples Costumes made by – Mrs N Reader
Other Costumes made by – Pauline Wood, Christine Green and Gladys Beeson
Costume Supervision – Sheila Walker
Lighting – Roy Wood, Peter Bennett
Additional Lighting Equipment – Bennett-Orwell Group and Strand Electric
Sound Effects – Gordon Lawrence
Advance Bookings – Betty Cottee
Wigs – Nathanwigs
Elephant – Theatre Zoo
Additional Curtains – Rex Howard
Gong loaned by – Mrs Herwin