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All in Good Time

All in Good Time
Written by Bill Naughton
Directed by Harry Randall
24 – 28 October 1972

This domestic comedy explores the drama of a teenage marriage and the effects on a working-class British family. By the author of Alfie, this 1960s Broadway hit was made into the film The Family Way which starred John and Hayley Mills.


Lucy Fitton – Audrey Christianson
Ezra Fitton – John Wharton
Geoffrey Fitton – Keith Jarman
Joe Thompson – Ted Brooks
Liz Piper – Kathy Clark
Molly Thompson – Dot Hamlin
Fred Stanfield – Alex Baird
Arthur Fitton – Tony Bate
Violet Fitton – Stella Jarman
Eddie Taylor – John Farrell
Leslie Piper – Peter Paul


Stage Manager and Set Design – Martin Wood
Assistant Stage Manager – Marge Lawrence
Properties – Lyn Grizzell, Julie Johnson, Jenny Farrell
Lighting – Allen Bowman
Sound – Roy Poole, Cliff May
Set Construction – Guild Workshop