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An Inspector Calls

An Inspector Calls
Written by J.B. Priestley
Directed by Harry Randall
1 – 6 December 1975

Priestley’s classic play of the believable middle-class Yorkshire family called to account for its moral crimes by the enigmatic Inspector Goole stands as a metaphor for our own failure to accept our responsibility to others.


Arthur Birling – Derrick Johnson
Gerald Croft – Andrew Wright
Sheila Birling – Valerie Birmingham
Sybil Birling – Marion Ellis
Edna – Elizabeth Hunt
Eric Birling – John Hollingsworth
Inspector Goole – Maurice Tripp


Stage Manager – David Lincoln
Assistant Stage Manager – Kathy Clark
Lighting – Len Huntley and Bill Brookes
Sound – Andy Howe
Properties – Molly Pritchard, Sheila Fryatt, Hillary Medhurst, Margaret Pink
Costumes – Joan Robarts
Pictures – Trina Ansell
Set – Guild Workshop