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And Then There Were None (or Ten Little Niggers) (1974)

And Then There Were None (or Ten Little Niggers) (1974)
Written by Agatha Christie
Directed by Robert Lindley
16 – 19 October 1994

A classic whodunit by the master of whodunits.


Rogers – Harry Foord-Divers
Narracot – Roy Poole
Mrs Rogers – Julia Crichton
Vera Claythorne – Jill Dodds
Philip Lombard – John Lockwood
Anthony Marston – Philip Langridge
William Blore – Bill Fielder
General Mackenzie – Tony Stebbing
Emily Brent – Kathy Clark
Sir Lawrence Wargrave – Alex Baird
Dr Armstrong – John Coward


Stage Manager – Martin Howe and Dave Lincoln
Assistant Stage Manager – Pauline Fielder
Set Design – Martin Howe
Lighting – C.D’Oyly-Watkins and David Fitch
Properties – Sharon Blackman and Chris Metcalf
Sound – Bill Brooks
Set built by – Guild Workshop
Production Assistant – Jill Maund