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And Then There Were None (1989)

And Then There Were None (1989)
Written by Agatha Christie
Directed by Brian Roberts
16 – 21 October 1989

A classic whodunit by the master of whodunits.


Rogers – Graham Peters
Narracot – Michael Angell
Mrs Rogers – Mollie Watts
Vera Claythorne – Jacqueline Medhurst
Philip Lombard – David Maun
Anthony Marston – Philip Vander Gucht
William Blore – Mike Rand
General Mackenzie – John Midlane
Emily Brent – Pauline Ellard
Sir Lawrence Wargrave – Roger Butler
Dr Armstrong – Ted Howard


Stage Manager – Christine Angell
Assistant Stage Manager – Carol Butler
Set Design – Christine and Michael Angell
Lighting – Peter Price
Properties – Hilary Medhurst, Elsie Bate, Sue Birmingham, Jan Pearce
Sound – Polly Owen
Set built by – Michael Angell and David Birmingham
Wardrobe – Marjorie Sawyer