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Are You Being Served?

Are You Being Served?
Written by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft
Directed and Produced by John McLaren, Ken Swan and Debbie Hoyle
20 – 25 October 2008

Stage adaption of the long-running TV sitcom series broadcast from 1972 to 1985, set in the men’s and women’s department of a large fictional London store called Grace Brothers.


Mr Rumbold – John Marchant
Captain Peacock – Nigel Taylor
Mrs Slocombe – Annette Marchant
Miss Brahms – Emma Holland
Mr Grainger – Clive Madel
Mr Humphries – Steve Padgham
Mr Lucas – Hugh Wootton
Mr Grace – Ken Swan
Mr Mash – Richard Banks
Nurse – Kirsty Pallen
Lady Customer – Kirsty Duncombe
Gentleman Customer – John Hyde

Don Bernado – Richard Banks
Cesar – John Hyde
Conchita – Kirsty Pallen
Taeresa/Maid – Kirsty Duncombe
Government Soldiers – Kirsty Duncombe, Ken Swan
Radio Voice – Colin Bailey


Stage Manager – Sarah Boyd
Set Design – Martin Asher, Colin Burring
Set Construction – Albert Tilbury, Trevor Jeffries
Scene Changes – Ken Swan, John Penn, Russell Tallowin, Faron Culver
Scenic Artwork – Polly Owen, Emma Constant, Charlotte Constant, Gemma Wallington
Lighting – Wendi Freeman, Michael Cooper
Sound – Catherine Andrews
Continuity – Betty Bailey
Properties – Kirsty Duncombe, Emma Constant, Charlotte Constant
Wardrobe – Marjorie Sawyer, Carole Bramall
Choreography – Debbie Hoyle
Foyer Display – Helen Banks
Research Consultant – Frances Swan
Technical Advisor – Dave Birmingham