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Belle or the Ballad of Dr. Crippen

Belle or the Ballad of Dr. Crippen
Music and Lyrics by Monty Norman
Book by Wolf Mankowitz
From a play by Beverley Cross
Produced by Pat Watson
12 – 19 September 1964

A Music Hall Musical


Hawley Harvey Crippen – Robert Pettyfer
Cora-Belle Elmore / Madame Petrazini – Shirley Osborne
Ethel le Neve – Mrs Jeanne Millett
George Lasher – Harold Bull
Jenny Pearl – Pat Watson
Mighty Mick – Louis Cox
Rosemary – Jill Morris
Augustus – Michael Butler
Theobald – Peter Denyer

With Gillian Jones, Diane Montague, Ann Pitman, Margaret Reader, Janice Shipway, Fay Watson, Pauline Wood, Anthony Bate and Manfred Dalboth.


Piano – Leslie Mackay
Bass – Nino Dogliani
Percussion – John Bartlett
Tombone – Fred Clark


Stage Manager – Denis Osborne
Assistant – Janet Hawtin
Lighting – Colin Grainger and Roy Wood
Special Lighting Effects – Peter Bennett
Sets Constructed in – Guild Workshop
Properties – Denis Bailey
Costumes – Guild Wardrobe, M Berman Ltd and Sally Spruce
Costumer Design and Supervision – Mary Giles
Lighting Equipment – Bennett-Orwell Group
Wigs – Nathanwigs
Dental Equipment loaned by – Amalgamated Dental Co.
Musical Effects loaned by – Boosey & Hawkes Limited
Advance Bookings – Betty Cottee
Production Photographs – Bim Harding

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