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Book Of The Month

Book Of The Month
Written by Basil Thomas
Directed by John Flint
12 – 15 October 1960

A comedy in two acts.


Edward Halliday, M.P – John Wharton
Joanna Halliday – Joan March
Marcia Wentworth – Chips Oliver
Betty ‘Bim’ Halliday – Jennifer Wright
Doris – Marjorie Harris
Col. Howard Barnes Bradley – John Monk
Doctor Maclurie – Seamus Mulcahy
Nicholas Barnes Bradley – Louis Cox


Stage Manager – Jim Rowe
Assistant Stage Managers – Gillian Wright, Barry Hunt
Decor – Arundell
Lighting – Gordon Lawrence
Props and Wardrobe – Sylvia Hogg, Janet Thorne, Betty Willard
Special Effects – Bill Fielder