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Breezeblock Park

Breezeblock Park
Written by Willy Russell
Directed by Philip Vander Gucht
19 – 24 October 1992

Superior council house dwellers Betty, Reeny, Vera and their men regard themselves as a close knit family team despite their concealed jealousies and occasional recriminations. When Betty’s daughter Sandra announces she is pregnant and intends to live unmarried with her student lover, the news explodes like an atom bomb.


Betty Dobson – Christine Angell
Syd – Eric Crichton
Sandra – Polly Owen
Reeny – Janet Pearce
Ted – Tony Bate
John – Michael Bate
Tommy – John Cole
Vera – Caroline Hayes
Tim – Jon Gritton


Assistant Stage Manager – Marilyn Macdonald
Stage Managers – Ray Watts, John Foord-Divers
Construction – The Breezeblock Builders
Properties – Barbara Brookes, Tracey Higley, Hilary Medhurst, Molly Pritchard
Costumes – Marjorie Sawyer
Lights – Alan Hunt, Richard Apsey
Sound – Tony Benson