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Candida (1984)

Written by George Bernard Shaw
Directed by Walter Cornforth
19 – 24 March 1984

Probably Shaw’s most popular play, Candida recounts the love sickness of young poet Eugene Marchbanks for Candida, wife of the Reverend Morell. At first, Morell is amused, but when he begins to doubt his wife’s love, he becomes disturbed and angered. The poet becomes the stronger suitor as Morell realizes his own weaknesses. Candida, one of the most remarkable women in dramatic literature, gives strength to her husband and teaches Marchbanks how to love.


Reverend James Morrell – John Wharton
Miss Garnett – Pauline Ellard
Reverend Alexander Mill – Peter Howard
Mr Burgess – Harry Randall
Candida – Mavis Dunphy
Eugene Marchbanks – Kevin Fraser


Stage Manager – Christine Giles
Assistant Stage Manager – Betty Bailey
Set Design – Christine Giles
Lighting – Ian Macdonald
Properties – Betty Willard, Sally Foord-Divers, Anita Gerry