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Carpe Jugulum

Carpe Jugulum
Written by Terry Pratchett
Adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs
Directed by Holly Jarman
Produced by Keith Jarman
9 – 14 April 2001

The de Magpyrs are the sort of vampires that would have Count Dracula spinning in his grave; modern, forward-looking and no longer afraid of holy water, garlic, religious symbols or, indeed, of anything else. This makes them very, very dangerous. Luckily for the Discworld, the three Lancre witches are on hand — and the battle is on!


The Expert – Peter Richardson

Count de Magpyr – Peter Gray
Countess de Magpyr – Elsie Bate
Vlad de Magpyr – Mark Woodham
Lacrimosa de Magpyr – Emma Stewart
The Old Count – Roger Butler
Morbidia (Tracy) – Emma Hudson
Demone – Debz Hurst
Krimson – Alex Freeman
Cryptopher – Rhys Chambers
Heiroglyphia (Wendy) – Emma Hudson
Igor – Tony Bate
Scraps – Beckie Franklin
Sgt Kraput – Ian Giles
Corporal Svitz – Gareth Hunt

Verence II – David Oatley
Margaret Garlick – Polly Owen
Millie Chillum – Emma Hudson
The Quite Reverend Mightily Oats – Michael Bate
Mrs Scorbic – Carol Butler
Death – Keith Jarman

Agnes Nitt – Nichola Bate
Perdita X Nitt – Emma Holland
Granny Esmerelda Weatherwax – Stella Jarman
Nanny Gytha Ogg – Jean Franks
Shawn Ogg – Steve Hunt
Jason Ogg – Steve Hunt
Waynetta Ogg – Carol Butler
Duane Ogg – Michael Angell
Beryl Ogg – Jenny Brookes

Gertrude – Carol Butler
Piotr – Ian Giles
Hans – Michael Angell
Bestiality Carter – Gareth Hunt
The Mayor of Escrow – Peter Richardson
Big Jim Beef – Barrie Richardson

Ortha – Ian Giles
Paedic – Gareth Hunt
Screaming Woman – Jeni Freeman
Evil Esme – Jenny Brookes
Heidi – Jenny Brookes
Andrei – Barrie Richardson
Irina – Jeni Freeman
Petra – Jane Richardson
Peasant – Walter Plinge


Stage Manager – Hazel Watts
Lighting – Aaron Bilham
Sound – Ian Cownley
Prompt – Maggie Baird
Builders – David Birmingham, Keith Jarman, Bill Brookes, Eric Crichton, Len Huntley, Neal Langley, Mick Holland
Properties – Carolynn Birmingham, Amy Greenwell, Tamsin Renno
Costume – Christine Angell
Scenic Artist – Sylvia Hogg