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Chamber Music and Olde Tyme Music Hall (Double Bill)

Chamber Music and Olde Tyme Music Hall (Double Bill)
by Arhtur Kopit / The Guild
4 – 9 April 1994

Chamber Music
Directed by Colin Burring


Woman who plays records – Margaret Penny
Woman in Safari Outfit – Audrey Christianson
Woman with Notebook – Carol Butler
Girl in Gossamer Dress – Janet Pearce
Woman in Aviatrix’s Outfit – Annette Marchant
Woman in Queenly Spanish Garb – Betty Miller
Woman in Armour – Denise Brown
Woman with Gavel – Jacqueline Medhurst
Man in White – John Marchant
His Assistant – Graham Peters

Olde Tyme Music Hall
Under the Chairmanship of Mr Eric Chrichton
At the pianoforte Miss Andrina Eyers


Carol Butler, Audrey Christianson, Deborah Hurst, Annette Marchant, Jacqueline Medhurst, Betty Miller, Janet Pearce, Margaret Penny, Colin Burring, John Marchant, Derek Miller, Gary Olding, Graham Peters, Eric White and Ronald Yarnton


Stage Manager – Keith Jarman
Assistant – Deborah Hurst
Crew – Martin Apsey, P Bench
Props and Wardrobe – Margaret Ball, Julia Crichton
Lighting – Richard Apsey, C Wick
Follow Spots and Sound – John Hudson, Mark Woodham
Special Settings – Jade Shortt, John Foulger