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Cinderella (1967)

Adapted by Mike Rand from Brian Cottee’s Original Script
Directed by Mike Rand
30 December – 13 January 1967

Classic Playhouse panto take on the rags to riches tale.


Buttons – Keith Jarman
Cinderella – Annette Marchant
Candy – Barry Hullett
Floss – John Hollingsworth
Baron Stoneybroke – Louis Cox
Dandini – Margaret Reader
Billy Cotes – Keith Reynolds
Noddy Atts – Mick Hughes
Prince Charming – Margaret Laurence
Old Woman – Valerie Cope

Chorus: Angela Bullough, Cecilia Clemas, Elsie Coleman, Betty Gray, Janice Howe, Stella Kirby, Martine Kemp, Jean McCullough, Margaret Robinson, Neil Appelt, Colin Bailey, Tony Bate, Phil Carter, David Dewsall, Michael Driver, Peter Elsmore, Neil Jarman, Martin Rye, Martin Wood.


Choreographer – Margaret Reader
Musical Director – Ann Robarts
Set Design – Phil Carter
Costumes – Joan Robarts
Stage Managers – Peter Janes, Martin Wood
Assistant Stage Manager – Janet Hawtin
Lighting – Sheila Fryatt, Alan Bowman, John Foord-Divers
Properties – Sheila Fratt, Margaret Carter, Pauline Carter
Sound Recording – Gordon Lawrence, Bill Brookes, Elizabeth Palmer, Viviane Grainger
Wardrobe Mistress – Joan Robarts
Wigs – Nathanwigs