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Cinderella (1999)

Written and directed by Mike Rand, assisted by David Maun and Phil Pearce
2 – 16 January 1999

A real family show with all the traditional magic of pantomime.


Buttons – Daley Chaston
Cinderella – Jaqui Rand
Candy – Graham Frosdick
Floss – David Maun
Baron Stoneybroke – Brian Roberts
Dandini – Keely Nichol
Prince Charming – Jenny Tallowin
Old Lady – Shelley Peters
Tom Brothers – Roger Hodge
Tom Tom Brothers – Steve Hunt

Chorus: Jenni Barrand, Debbie Cain, Emma Hudson, Judith Brace, Emma Holland, Katy Pearce, Jenny Brookes, Emma Stewart


Musical Director – Andrew Parmley
Choreographer – Graham Peters
Musicians – Andrew Parmley, Malcolm Ball
Stage Manager – Graham Peters
Assistant Stage Managers – Margaret Penny, Edna Rand
Sets Designed by – Colin Burring, Roger Butler
Sets Built by – Theatre Angels Inc.
Lighting – Simon Dinsmore, Ian Humphreys, Peter Bennett
Properties – Janet Hodge, Hazel Watts
Costumes – Carole Bramall, Linda Jeffries
Wigs – Christine Angell