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Written by Robert Duncan
Directed by David Maun
14 – 19 October 1991

Comedy thriller featuring the characters from the famous board game and with six alternative endings.


Doctor Black – Roger Butler
Mrs White – Elsie Bate
Professor Plum – Graeme Horner
Colonel Mustard – Ian Giles
Mrs Peacock – Marion Ellis
Miss Scarlett – Tracy Higley
Reverend Green – Mike Rand
Inspector Grey – Tony Bate
Sergeant Rose – Graham Frosdick


Stage Manager – Dave Tallowin
Set Design – Dave Birmingham, David Maun
Set Construction – Dave Tallowin, Dave Birmingham
Assistant Stage Manager – Carol Butler
Properties – Molly Pritchard, Barbara Brooks, Hilary Medhurst, Helen Hicks
Lighting – Brian Rumble, Mike Auvray
Sound – Polly Owen
Costumes – Carole Bramall with Marjorie Sawyer
Vote Counters – Jacky Maun, Debbie Hurst
Photographs – John Midlane

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