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Come As You Are

Come As You Are
Written by John Mortimer
Directed by Keith Jarman
20 – 23 October 1971

Four plays by John Mortimer

Mill Hill


Denise Blundell – Eileen Hullett
Peter Trilby – Louis Cox
Roy Blundell – John Coward



Iris Purvis – Eileen Hullett
Bob Purvis – John Coward
Pip Lester – Louis Cox
Rosemary – Christine Giles

Gloucester Road


Bunny Thompson – Eileen Hullett
Mike Thompson – Louis Cox
Toby Delgardo – John Coward
Clare Dobson – Christine Giles

Marble Arch


Laura Logan – Eileen Hullett
McNee – John Coward
Miss Parker – Christine Giles
Max – Louis Cox


Stage Manager – Cyril Lincoln
Assistant Stage Manager – Peter Leggett
Properties – Lynn Grizzell and Janet Hawtin
Lighting – Molly Pritchard and Sheila Fryatt
Sound – Phil Page
Settings – Theatre Workshop
Wigs – Nathanwigs