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Conduct Unbecoming

Conduct Unbecoming
Written by Barry England
Directed by Margaret Baird
18 – 23 April 1977

In late 19th century India, two new lieutenants join the British regiment to open a play that exposes the spuriousness and brutality beneath the romantic veneer of spit and polish. A widow at the post accuses one of the lieutenants of attempting to assault her. A kangaroo court is convened. The case is cut and dried until the defence counsel notes discrepancies in the accounts of what happened and turns the investigation upon one of the older, more honoured officers.


Millington – Roger Butler
Drake – John Masson
The Colonel – Alex Baird
Roach – Tom Ellis
Wimbourne V.C – Harry Randall
The Doctor – Robert Lindley
The Adjutant – Maurice Tripp
The Junior Subaltern – Peter Richardson
Hart – Colin Bailey
Truly – Philip Pearce
Boulton – David Foord-Divers
Winters – Philip Langridge
Hutton – Keith Jarman
Pradah Singh – Peter Paul
Head Waiter – Ted Howard
Mrs Hasseltine – Valerie Cope
Mem Strang – Audrey Christianson
Mrs Bandanai – Chris Jarman
Lal – Kathy Clark
Ladies of the Ball – Carol Butler, Valerie Birmingham, Jan Thurston
Waiters – Roy Poole, Dave Lincoln


Stage Manager – Liz Hunt
Set Design – Liz Hunt
Assistant Stage Manager – Pauline Ellard
Sound – Andy How and Paul Davies
Properties – Betty Bailey and Valerie Birmingham
Lighting – Alan Hunt
Wardrobe – Joan Robarts and Andrea Hammond
Military Uniforms – Morris Angel & Son Ltd
Wig – Wig Creations Ltd
Guns and Swords – Bapty & Co Ltd