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Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings
Written by Ronald Jeans
Directed by Bill Fielder
19 – 24 April 1976

A comedy of the Ill-to-Do…


Mrs Withers – Jennifer Farrell
Marion Butterworth – Gloria Markham
Gay Butterworth – Jill Dodds
Pelham Butterworth – Colin Bailey
Theodore Malek – John Farrell
Thelma Cressingdon – Kathy Clark
Hubert Batt – Neil Jarman
Mrs Compton Chamberlain – Daisy Mulcahy
Juliet Frost – Christine Jarman


Stage Manager – David Lincoln
Assistant Stage Manager – Gill Alexander
Lighting – C. D’Oyly Watkins
Sound – Mike Auvray
Properties – Jennifer Farrell, Pauline Fielder, Christine Jarman
Setting – the Guild Workshop