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Dad’s Army

Dad’s Army
Written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft
Directed by Colin Burring
17 – 22 October 2005

Stage adaption of the hilarious and much-loved TV series.


Captain Mainwaring – Graeme Horner
Sgt. Wilson – John Hyde
Cpl. Jones – Maurice Tripp
Pte. Frazer – Ken Swan
Pte. Walker – Mark Campbell
Pte. Godfrey – John Hart
Pte. Pike – Ian Humphreys
Pte. Cheeseman – John Marchant
Pte. Gavin – Clive Gavin
Pte. Sponge – Gerry Fewtrell
Pte. Handcock – Frank Andrews
Pte. Gillies – Ian Giles
Pte. Andrews – Clive Madel
The Colonel – Ian Giles

Warden Hodges – John Sinclair
Vicar – Graham Frosdick
Verger – Eric White
Town Clerk – Clive Madel
Mrs Fox – Annette Marchant
Mrs Gray – Shelley Peters
Mrs Pike – Pauline Ellard
Edith Parish – Emma Holland
Ivy Samways – Amy Waters
Miss Ironside – Jean Bawcutt
Ann’s Waitress – Shirley Tallowin
S. Rail Tea Lady – Jean Bawcutt
Mrs Hart – Marian Andrews
Ann’s Pantry – Claire Cunningham


Stage Managers – Stephen Lovell, David Tallowin
Set Design – Stephen Lovell, Colin Burring
Rigger – Michael Holland
Set Builders – The Love-Wins, David Birmingham, Andy, Lucy, Kirsty Birmingham, Roger Butler, John Brace, Len Huntley
Artists and Painters – Jenny McGuckin, Polly Owen, Bill Chitty, Colin Burring
Continuity – Margaret Penny
Lighting – Aaron Bilham
Sound Design – Keith Jarman, Jeremy Burring
Sound Control – William Brookes
Properties – Sue Newman, Diane Frosdick
Godiva’s House – Albert Tilbury
Candle Stick Telephone – Charles Armitage
Morris Dancers Horse – Eric White, Emma Constant
And Bells – Annette Marchant
Railway Carriage – Trevor Jeffries, Albert Tilbury
Firearms – Flame Torbay Costume Hire Ltd
Mills Bombs – Loaned by the Royal Artillery “Firepower Museum”
Wardrobe – Margaret Ball, Molly Graham
Uniforms – Flame Torbay Costume Hire Ltd
Theatre Wardrobe – Marjorie Sawyer, Carole Bramall
Desses for Madames Fox and Grey – Rose Love
Ladies Costumes – Stage Costumes, Dartford

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