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Dancing at Lughnasa

Dancing at Lughnasa
Written by Brian Friel
Directed by Barry Hooper
24 February – 1 March 1997

Premiered at Dublin’s Abbey Theatre, this multi-award-winning play is about five impoverished spinster sisters in a remote part of County Donegal in 1936. With them live Michael, seven-year-old son of the youngest sister, and Jack, the sisters’ elder brother, a missionary priest newly returned from Africa. The events of that summer are narrated in recall by the adult Michael, unfolding a tender study of these women’s lives.


Michael – Matt Hawes
Kate – Pauline Ellard
Maggie – Christine Angell
Agnes – Helen Reynolds
Rose – Ros Dalby
Christina – Michelle Pearl
Jack – Roger Butler
Gerry – Milton Conn-Goodman


Stage Manager – Pamela Horner
Set Design – Colin Burring
Set Built by – The Theatre Workshop
Lighting Design – Colin Goldberg
Lighting – Daley Chaston, Jon Hudson, Ian Humphreys, Mark Woodham
Properties – Pamela Horner
Sound – Keith Jarman
Prompt – Dot Hamlin
Wardrobe – Marjorie Sawyer, Carol Bramall