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Written by Hugh Janes
Directed by Jon Gritton
7 – 12 September 1992

A constant battle of intellects and ambitions combined with assorted and various ‘noises in the night’, guaranteed to keep any audience guessing until the end.


Diana Chapman – Eileen Hulett
Victor – Don Kenefick
Alec Chapman – David Maun
Paul Chapman – Tony Benson
Dr. Blackwell – Carol Butler


Stage Manager – Roger Butler
Assistant Stage Manager – Nikki Horner
Set Design – Bob Gritton
Set Construction – Bob and The Locksmiths
Properties – Pam Maltby, Betty Willard, Dot Hamlin
Lighting – Ian Humphreys
Sound – Alison Horner
Special Effects – Peter Bennett and Mike Auvray
Costumes – Carol Bramall