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Dealer’s Choice

Dealer’s Choice
Written by Patrick Marber
Directed by Michael Bate
13 – 18 June 2011

Peter Sapi

Stephen, a restaurateur, has a weekly poker game in the basement. The stakes are high and the waiters often lose their paycheques. Stephen’s son, Carl, is an obsessive gambler who has run up debts and when Ash, a professional gambler, threatens to kill Carl if he doesn’t pay the 4000 he owes, Carl arranges for him to play in the weekly game. But Stephen can spot a professional and confronts Ash who asks where Carl acquired his addiction. Who is the real addict, Carl or Stephen?


Sweeney – Mark Campbell
Mugsy – Peter Sapi
Stephen – Tony Bate
Frankie – Piers Newman
Carl – Gary Nightingale
Ash – Pat McNamee


Stage Manager – Mick Holland
Continuity – Betty Bailey
Properties – Carolynn Birmingham
Set Design – Michael Bate
Set Build – Mick Holland, Albert Tilbury, Trevor Jeffries
Lighting – Fred Hall
Lighting design – Fred Hall, Mike Auvray, Peter Bennett
Sound – Tina Crook, Ken Swan
Wardrobe – Marjorie Sawyer, Elsie Bate, Carole Bramall