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Dick Turpin

Dick Turpin
Written by Anthony Loynes and Ron Pember
Directed by Margaret Baird
15 – 20 April 1974

The story of the infamous highwayman and his adventures is brought delightfully to life in Peter Wenster’s adaptation. Crooked magistrate Jonathan Wild and his gang of ‘Bow-Legged Runners’ intend to rob Justice Milksop of his fortune and frame Dick for the crime. At first they succeed – can Dick’s girl Jenny and his few remaining friends unmask the evil Wild in time? With a cast full of boo-able baddies and a large chorus, Dick Turpin has all the right ingredients to make for a spectacular evening’s entertainment.


Captain Stringer – Roger Butler
Sergeant Stubbs – Harry Dunphy
Mrs Craddock – Mavis Dunphy
Meg – Valerie Cope
Corporal Bundy – Ted Howard
Jack – Michael Howard
Crony – T.Hadley Prestage
Tom King – Mick Driver
Dick Turpin – Maurice Tripp
Nightshade – Bill Harris
Smears – Peter Richardson
Old Woman – Kathy Clark
Parson – Tony Stebbing
Gerry – David Foord-Divers
Alex – Roy Poole
Fox – John Bennett
Romany – Martin Howe
Brock – Geoff Shimmin
Skull – Graham Loades
Nell – Dot Hamlin
Kadilla – Alex Baird
Rosa – Janice Wood
Strange – Gordon Lawrence
Jack Ketch – Eric Crichton
Innkeeper – Geoff Shimmin
Broadsheet Seller – Colin Foord-Divers
Lady – Carol Butler
Caroline – Kim Bailey
Lawrence – Walter Cornforth
Prison Guard – Geoff Shimmin
Horses – Dawn Boorman, Gill Mercer
Black Bess – Judith Baird
Tollgate Keeper – Geoff Shimmin
Ballad Singer – Roger Butler
Mayor – Robert Lindley
Frederick – Eric Crichton
Waiter – Roy Poole
Servant – David Foord-Divers

Chorus: John Bennett, David Foord-Divers, Kathy Lunnon, Pauline Wooldridge, Roy Poole, Geoff Shimmin, Kim Bailey, Colin Foord-Divers, Janice Wood, Carol Butler, Alex Baird, Kathy Clark, Tony Stebbing, Jill Watkins, Susan Marshall.


Stage Manager and Set Design – Chris Jarman
Assistant Stage Manager – Judith Baird
Lighting – Colin Lincoln and Mike Auvray
Properties – Sheila Fryatt and Mollie Pritchard
Sound Effects – Keith Jarman
Wardrobe – Joan Robarts
Guns – Baptys
Ballad melody composed by – Freddie Hate