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Dick Whittington (2009)

Dick Whittington
Written by Mike Rand
Directed by Richard Banks, assisted by Liz Gillett
3 – 17 January 2009

A rags to riches tale of a poor boy and his cat.


Fred the Cat – Jenny Appleby
Kitty – Polly Owen
Idle Jack – Matt Clowry
Dick Whittington – Kelly Randall
Alice Fitzwarren – Nicola Milner
Pearl – Steve Padgham
King Rat – John McLaren
James Bond – Colin Bailey
Long Joan Silver – Eileen Warner
Short John Silver – Clive Madel
Lord Mayor Fitzwarren – Richard Banks
Big Chief Watha – Richard Banks

Londoners, Sailors, Pirates, Braves, Squaws and Chorus: Marian Andrews, Jack Ball, Lauren Bulling, Robert Comley, Emma Constant, Kirsty Duncombe, Scott Godfrey, Kyle Goldsmith, Samantha Langford, Lucy Larner, Kirsty Pallen, Jamie Povey, Becky Worrell


Musical Director – Andy Hall
Choreographer – Stella Jarman
Stage Manager – Roger Butler
Continuity – Betty Bailey
Assistant Choreographer – Jenny Appleby
Crew – The Boris Boys
Set Design – Graeme Horner
Set Built by – Roger Butler, Graeme Horner, Trevor Jeffries, Fred Hall, Albert Tilbury, John McLaren, Phil Pearce, Dave Birmingham
Lighting Design – Mike Auvray, Peter Bennett
Lighting – Mike Auvray, Peter Bennett and crew
Properties – Wendi Freeman
Wardrobe – Marjorie Sawyer, Carole Bramall
Fight Co-ordinator – Keith Jarman