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Don’t Just Lie There, Say Something

Don’t Just Lie There, Say Something
Written by Michael Pertwee
Directed by Bill Fielder
26 September – 1 October 1977

Fighting the restrictions placed on them by their elders, radicals clash with politicians upholding the legal system.


Barry Ovis, MP – Louis Cox
The Rt Hon Wilfred Potts, MP – Alex Baird
Jean Fenton – Valerie Birmingham
Sir William Mainwaring-Brown, MP – Colin Bailey
Gisele Parkyn – Claire Dingley
Inspector Ruff – John Coward
Damina – Judith Baird
Wendy – Jennifer Farrell
A Caretaker – Bill Fielder


Stage Manager – Martin Wood
Properties – Molly Pritchard, Pauline Ellard, Viviane Hollingsworth, Lynette Samuels, Hilary Medhurst
Lighting – Mike Auvray
Sound – Paul Davis
Assistant Stage Manager – Margaret Penny
Setting – Guild Workshop