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Double Vision

Double Vision
Written by Eric Chappell
Directed by Kenneth Swan
2 – 7 October 2006

Ex-boxer Spinks is myopic, poor and lonely, his one companion being the alcoholic Kingsley with whom he has a rather tetchy, exasperated friendship. To gain attention, Spinks pretends to win the National Lottery and he starts receiving freebies and handouts from people hoping to get a share of his fortune. Plain Dawn Pringle who loves Spinks for himself not his money, warns against her maneater identical twin sister Donna, who then turns up and seduces him. Just in time he makes an important discovery about his new-found loves.


Spinks – Keith Jarman
Kingsley – Clive Madel
Dawn Pringle / Donna Miller – Samantha Langford


Stage Manager – Frances Sinden
Technical Advisor – Richard Self
Lighting Design – Wendi Freeman
Set Design – Sarah Boyd
Continuity – Elsie Bate
Properties Management – Joe Lovell, Judith Brace
Sound Preparation – Ken Swan
Lighting Operator – Wendi Freeman
Sound Operator – Michael Cooper
Set Preparation and Construction – Andy Birmingham, Bill Brookes, Albert Tilbury, Sarah Boyd, Ken Swan, Trevor Jeffries, Jo Lovell, Judith Brace, Jennifer, Lynne
Set Painting – Sarah Boyd, Ken Swan, Roger Butler, Jo Lovell, Judith Brace, Jennifer, Lynne

Dawn’s spectacles supplied by Kingsley Horner of Sidcup