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Dry Rot (1960)

Dry Rot
Written by John Chapman
Directed by T. Hadley Prestage

One of the most successful farces that has appeared in London. It deals with a crazy, but very likeable gang of bookies who, in order to be near the racecourse, are staying at a country hotel run by a retired colonel and his wife and daughter. Secret rooms, sliding panels, mistaken identity and a nice little bit of romance are some of the main ingredients of this very racy and slick farce, which never lets up for a moment and provides some of the best possible entertainment around.


Colonel Wagstaff – Bill Fielder
Mrs Wagstaff – Betty Cottee
Beth Barton – Margaret Baird
Susan Wagstaff – Jill Hodder
John Danby – Bill Farley
Alfred Tubbe – Harry Randall
Fred Phipps – Bill Harris
Flash Harry – Gordon Lawrence
Albert Polignack – Michael Ryall
Policewoman – Alice Brown


Stage Manager – Bill Brookes
Assistant Stage Manager – Louis Cox
Set Design – Bill Brookes
Décor – Bert Green
Properties – Mavis Hutchinson
Assistant Stage Manager – Betty Willard
Electricity/Lighting – Roy Wood
Recording – Eric Ewens
Radio Commentary – Eric Felgate
Special Costumes – Bermans