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Duet for One

Duet for One
Written by Tom Kempinski
Directed by Barry Hooper
11 – 16 June 2001

This immensely moving play won the London Theatre Critics Award for best play of 1980. Both Anne Bancroft and Julie Andrews have played the role of a famous concert violinist who is stricken with a disease which necessitates her retirement from the stage and which threatens her marriage as well. The play is structured as a series of interviews between the violinist and her psychiatrist in which she tries to cope with her illness and its effect on her life.


Stephanie Abrahams – Christine Angell
Dr Alfred Feldmann – Peter Richardson


Stage Managers – Eric Crichton, Len Huntley
Set Design – Colin Burring
Set Construction – Mick Holland, Colin Burring, Peter Smith, Eric White, Sylvia Hogg
Lighting – Nicky Jones
Continuity – Margaret Penny
Props – Pauline Ellard