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Enter a Free Man

Enter a Free Man
Written by Tom Stoppard
Directed by Marion Ellis
30 April – 5 May 1984

At home Riley is not well liked. His daughter is going to run away and marry a motorcyclist who turns out to be already married, and she can no longer support her dad in his unemployed habits. But this matters little to Riley, for he has this envelope deal, and also an indoor watering device for flowers. Trouble is, all his devices fall through including the indoor water when it is discovered you can’t turn it off. And his dreams continue to burst in his face.


George Riley – John Summers
Persephone Riley – Patricia Summers
Linda Riley – Jeannie McCullough
Harry – Roger Butler
Florence – Claire Kingshott
Carmen – Mike Rand
Able – Graham Frosdick
Brown – Reg Higley


Stage Management and Set Design – Bill Brookes and Len Huntley
Properties – Joyce Austin, Anna Pajak, Debbie Bartlett
Lighting – Dennis Kingshott
Sound – Derek Wheeler, Heidi Baker
Prompt – Carol Butler
Wardrobe – Andrea Hammond