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Fiddler on the Roof

Fiddler on the Roof
Book by Joseph Stein
Music by Jerry Bock, lyrics by Sheldon Harnick
Directed by Colin Burring
4 – 9 July 2005

Fiddler on the Roof is the heartwarming story of fathers and daughters, husbands and wives, and life, love and laughter. Featuring the Broadway classics To Life, If I Were a Rich Man, Sunrise, Sunset, Matchmaker, Matchmaker and Tradition.


Tevye – Roger Butler
Golde – Carol Butler
Tzeitel – Holly Jarman
Hodel – Katy Pearce
Chava – Jenny Thompson
Shprintze – Vikki Jamieson
Bielke – Jennifer Lovell
Yente – Janet Pearce
Motel – Stephen Milton
Perchik – Matt Hawes
Lazar Wolf – Keith Jarman
Mordcha – Graham Frosdick
The Rabbi – John McLaren
Mendel – Ed Andrews
Avram – Ken Swan
Nachum – Clive Madel
Grandma Tzeitel – Margaret Baird
Fruma-Sarah – Suzy Pearce
Constable – Richard Self
Fyedka – Gareth Hunt
Shandel – Elizabeth Gillett
The Fiddler – Suzy Pearce

The Papas and the Sons: John Lidbury, Brian White, Jamie Floyd, Frank Andrews, John Shanley, Daniel Murphy
The Mamas and the Daughters – Annette Marchant, Lucy Larner, Joanna Lovell, Amanda Green, Jacqui O’Connor, Elizabeth Vile, Jennifer Madel, Marian Andrews, Lisa Bennett, Shirley Tallowin
The Dancers: John Shanley, Jamie Floyd, John Lidbury, Stephen Milton


Stage Managers – David Tallowin and Steve Lovell
Set Design – Steve Lovell and Colin Burring
Set Construction – Steve Lovell, David Tallowin, Eric White, Bill Brookes, Len Huntley, Alan Hill, Kirsty Collier, Trevor Jeffries, Albert Tilbury, Mick Holland, John Sinclair, Frank Andrews
Set Painting – The Builders, Eric Crichton
Artists – Jenny McGuckin, Bill Chitty, Colin Burring and Polly Owen
Continuity – Margaret Penny
Musicians – Andy Hall and Graham Durrant
Sound – Keith Jarman
Lighting Design – Ian and Nicky Humphreys
Lighting – Wendi Freeman, Ryan Cooper, John Hart
Wardrobe – Margaret Ball, Molly Graham
Costumes – Roger Cryer of Stage Costumes, Dartford, Marjorie Sawyer and Carole Bramall
Property Logistics – Christine Mabbott, Amy Waters, Emma Stewart, Pauline Ellard
Property Consultant – Angela Arnell
Property Makers – Eric White and Charles Armitage
Foyer Display – Julia Crichton
Chaperones – Jenny Brookes and Pamela Horner