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Flowering Cherry (1962)

Flowering Cherry
Written by Robert Bolt
Directed by Margaret Baird
17 – 20 October 1962

Suburbia, 1957. Jim Cherry sells insurance, but wants to sell apples instead. He dreams of owning an orchard in Somerset and quitting the job he hates. But Cherry is a fantasist and his wife Isobel is at breaking point. As his dream begins to spiral out of control and the gulf between them widens, can she force him to face reality? Hailed at its premiere as the British ‘Death of a Salesman’, and from the writer of ‘A Man for All Seasons’ and the screenplays of ‘Doctor Zhivago’ and ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, ‘Flowering Cherry’ is the heart-breaking story of a man seduced by his own imagination.


Isobel Cherry – Kathy Clark
Tom Cherry – John Ormandy
Jim Cherry – Harry Randall
Gilbert Grass – Frank Poole
Judy Cherry – Freda Hewett
David Bowman – Tony Stebbing
Carol – Jill Hodder


Stage Manager – Ken Tooby
Assistant Stage Manager – Doris Chown
Set Design – Robert Pettyfer
Decor – Fred
Set Construction – A.Heron, B.Wright, Graham Hamlin, Audrey Christianson
Lighting Design – Peter Bennett
Additional Lighting – Peter Bennett and R.D.Orwell
Recorded Music – Eric Ewens
Properties – Janet Thorne and Sylvia Hogg