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Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefits
Written by Peter Yeldham and Donald Churchill
Directed by Keith Jarman
27 April – 2 May 1981

Isobel and Colin, Jim and Brenda, are arranging to go on their joint holiday to Torremolinos. However, both the men and the women have decided (separately) they would rather not to go; the women because they are sick of it, the men because, according to Jim, two very attractive office girls would appreciate the pleasure of their company in East Croydon. Both the women and the men suggest that plans are changed, but neither sex divulges the real reason. Complications inevitably ensue, particularly after the arrival not only only to Fiona and Doreen (the two office girls) but also of young Richard who, having a preference for (as he not very tactfully puts it) “older women”, comes in search of Brenda and then turns to Isobel as being “older still”.


Isobel Hudson – Margaret Penny
Colin Hudson – Maurice Tripp
Jim Nash – Graeme Horner
Brenda Nash – Eileen Hullett
Doreen – Lynn Pougher
Fiona – Kim Daniels
Richard – Bob Sawyer


Stage Manager – Judith Brace
Assistant Stage Manager – Marion Ellis
Props – Judith Brace and Joanna Lovell
Lighting – Michael Auvray
Sound – Martin Wood