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Gaslight (1980)

Written by Patrick Hamilton
Directed by Bill Fielder, assisted by Alan Hunt
8 – 13 September 1980

This classic Victorian thriller was first produced in 1935. Jack Manningham is slowly, deliberately driving his wife, Bella, insane. He has almost succeeded when help arrives in the form of a former detective, Rough, who believes Manningham to be a thief and murderer.


Mrs Manningham – Valerie Birmingham
Mr Manningham – Maurice Kenward
Elizabeth – Halina Munro
Nancy – Judith Brace
Rough – Barrie Richardson


Set Design – Alan Hunt
Stage Manager – Tom Ellis
Assistant Stage Manager – Kathy Clark
Properties – Marion Ellis, Tom Ellis
Lighting – Andrew Arden
Sound – John Farrell, David Tallowin
Wardrobe – Joan Robarts
Furniture – Louis Koch Ltd.