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Written by Ben Elton
Directed by Michael Bate
6 – 11 June 2005

Brilliantly funny comedy satire.


Philip – Mark Campbell
Sir Chiffley Lockheart – John Hart
Sandy – Ian Humphreys
Kirsten – Jenny Norton


Stage Manager – Roger Hodge
Assistant Stage Manager – Elsie Bate
Lighting – Wendi Freeman, Ryan Cooper and Michael Cooper
Properties – Nicky Humphreys, Jenny Brookes, Hannah May and Emma Stewart
Sound – Ken Swan and Keith Jarman
Set Built by – Roger Hodge, Len Huntley, Bill Brookes, John Humphreys, John Brace, Mick Holland, Albert Tilbury, Tony Bate and Eric White.
Suck and Blow created by – Nicky and John Humphreys
Aeroplane seat made by – Roger Hodge
Display cartoons by – Alf Humphreys
Display created by – Ian and Nicky Humphreys
Flipchart provided by – Dick Passmore
Set Consultants – Colin Burring and Graeme Horner
Costumes – Marjorie Sawyer and Carole Bramall