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Book by Arthur Laurents, music by Jule Stein, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Directed by David Maun

The musical tale of a domineering stage mother’s inadvertent creation of a burlesque stripper.


Uncle Jocko – Graham Frosdick
Stage Manager – Graham Peters
Baby June – Elouise Del-Bianco
Baby Louise – Katy Pearce
Rose – Jean Franks
Chowsie – Brian
Grandpa – Roger Butler
Mr Weber – Roger Butler
Herbie – Brian Roberts
Louise – Polly Owen
June – Michelle Pearl
Tulsa – Phill Pain
Yonkers – Matt Hawes
L.A. – Michael Bate
Angie – Richard Apsey
Mr Kringelein – Graham Frosdick
Mr Goldstone- Graham Peters
Miss Cratchitt – Carol Butler
Agnes – Jaqui Rand
Hollywood Blondes – Claire Berrecloth, Judith Brace, Nichola Butler, Dawn Leese
Pastey – Graham Peters
Cigar – Roger Butler
Stagehand – Graham Frosdick
Tessie Tura – Jacqueline Medhurst
Mazeppa – Christine Angell
Electra – Carol Butler
Renee, the Maid – Nichola Butler
Phil, the Agent – Michael Bate
Bougeron-Cochon – Richard Apsey
Children – Aaron Bilham, Brendan James, Jonathan King, Gemma Maynard, John Rye, Kelly Wilkins


Stage Managers – Steve Lovell, Dave Tallowin
Set Design – David Maun, Steve Lovell, Dave Tallowin
Set Built by – Conscription, Cajolery, Coercion
Lighting – Peter Bennett, Mike Auvray
Properties – Molly Pritchard, Barbara Brookes, Pauline Ellard, Daisy Mulcahy, Nerys Cottam
Sound – Tom Bramall
Costumes – Carole Bramall, Christine Angell
Assistant Manager – Elsie Bate
Photographs – John Midlane
Production Assistant – Jacky Maun

Violin – Bernard Brooks
Clarinet/Flute – Steven Hill
Trumpet – Oscar Hurst
Trombone – Jim Norris
Piano – Jennifer Anderson
Bass Guitar – David Wright
Percussion – Stuart Gain