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Written by Alan Ayckbourn
Directed by
6 – 11 September 1999

Left to Right: Ben Gaston, Katy Pearce and Jan Pearce

Left to Right: Ben Gaston, Katy Pearce and Jan Pearce

England’s comic master is in black comedy mode in this West End hit about our fascination with technology. It is set sometime quite soon in a steel shuttered, slovenly flat in a no-go area of North London where punks rule deserted streets. Here, a lonely composer sits surrounded by high-tech equipment. His only company is a robot nanny, and she’s on the blink. He desperately wants to reclaim his teenage daughter and enlists an out of work actress to implement a cunning plan he’s evolved to impress his estranged wife and a wired for sound child welfare officer. When things don’t work out, Jerome has to improvise. It’s amazing what can be done with new micro chips and a screwdriver!


Jerome – Ben Gaston
Zoe – Paula Williams
Corinna – Janet Pearce
Mervyn – John Hart
Geain – Katy Pearce
Lupus – Tony Bate
Voice of Mary Hope-Fitch and NAN 300F – Helen Reynolds
Rita, Daughter of Darkness – Emma Pearce


Stage Manager – Jo Lovell
Assistant Stage Manager – Emma Hudson
Lighting – Simon Dinsmore
Sound – Keith Jarman
Video Operative – Terry Mosely
Properties – Jo Lovell, Emma Pearce
Set Design – Colin Burring, Ben Gaston
Costumes – Marjorie Sawyer, Carole Bramall
Set Construction – Eric White
Stage Crew – Suzy Pearce, Emma Stewart