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Hobson’s Choice

Hobson’s Choice
Written by Harold Brighouse
Directed by Harry Dunphy
8 – 15 March 1975

The youngest daughters of curmudgeonly bootmaker Hobson are anxious to marry and have eligible suitors who must wait until eldest daughter, practical-minded Maggie, is promised in marriage. Maggie, however, has other plans which include freedom from her father’s tyranny, a business and husband of her own. Her choice? Hobson’s shy apprentice, Will Mossop.


Alice Hobson – Yvonne Hegerty
Vicky Hobson – Valerie Birmingham
Maggie Hobson – Mavis Dunphy
Albert Prosser – Andy Wright
Henry Horatio Hobson – John Wharton
Mrs Hepworth – Eileen Young
Jim Heeler – Tony Stebbings
Willie Mossop – Barry Hullett
Ada Figgins – Janice Wood
Timothy Wadlow – Jeff Shimming
Freddy Beenstock – David Foord-Divers
Dr McFarlane – Walter Cornforth


Stage Manager – Martin Howe
Set Design – Martin Howe
Properties – Lyn Grizzell, Julie Johnson
Lighting – Mike Auvray
Sound – Andy Howe
Costumes – Joan Robarts, Andrea Hammond