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Hot Summer Night

Hot Summer Night
Written by Ted Willis
Directed by Bill Fielder

Set in Wapping, the story concerns the Palmer family, who may not, however, be quite typical of the district. For blustering Jack Palmer is a successful Trade Union leader who conceivably could be living in more affluent surroundings. However, he has so identified himself with the workers that to move to a house with a bath, for instance, would look like treachery. Thus, naturally, he fights every inch of the way for the union rights of the considerable West Indian element in his care and it is only when his own daughter falls in love with a Jamaican [Sonny Lincoln] that he is pulled up in his steps. Nell, his wife, whom he has consistently neglected over the years, has centred her whole life on her daughter, and approaches the problem with a blind hysterical prejudice.


The Old Man – Tony Stebbing
Frank Stevens – Louis Cox
Nell Palmer – Kathie Clark
Jack Palmer (Jacko) – Harry Randall
Judy Gomez – Betty Willard
Kathie Palmer – Jennifer Aslett
Sonny Lincoln – Floyd De-Foe


Stage Manager – Bill Brookes
Assistant Stage Manager – Gillian Wright
Set Design – “Fred”
Properties – Sandra Shorney, Barbara Wood
Lighting – Roy Wood