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In Two Minds

In Two Minds
Written by Richard Harris
Directed by Samantha Langford
25 – 30 April 2005

David and new partner, Annie, have moved happily into a Victorian house where the vendor has emigrated, leaving furniture and a welcoming bottle of champagne. But strange events cause David’s negative thoughts to rise. Their vaguely sinister neighbour is married, but where is his wife? Women’s clothing is found burnt in a garden incinerator. David seems ready to accuse everyone of everything. Annie can cope with his doubts and insecurities but his suspicious mind finally drives them apart.


David Freedman – Matt Arnold
Annie Bishop – Claire Cunningham
Anthony Hewlett – John Hyde
Gina – Emma Holland


Stage Manager – Mick Holland
Set Designed by – Roger Butler
Set Construction – Mick Holland, Roger Butler, Eric Crichton, Gerry Fewtrell, John Sinclair, Ian Sharp, Albert Tilbury, Trevor Jeffries, Len Huntley
Assistant Stage Manager – Elsie Bate
Lighting Designer and Operator – Wendi Freeman
Sound Recorded by – Keith Jarman
Sound Operator – Bill Brookes
Properties – Lin Holland, Jean Dent, John Sinclair
Wardrobe – The Cast