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It Runs in the Family (2009)

It Runs in the Family
Written by Ray Cooney
Directed by Angela Arnell
9 – 14 March 2009

Peter Sapi and John Hart

Peter Sapi and John Hart

Set in a hospital, It Runs in the Family contains the usual assortment of farcical nuts running in and out of doors mistaking everybody for someone else, as Dr. Mortimore tries to fend off a paternity suit, an ex wife, a punkish daughter and various other lunatics so that he may, at last, deliver the Ponsonby Lecture in an international conference.


Dr. David Mortimore – John Hart
Dr. Mike Connolly – Peter Sapi
Rosemary Mortimore – Shelley Peters
Dr. Hubert Bonney – John McLaren
Matron – Paula Palmer
Sir Willoughby Drake – John Penn
Jane Tate – Emma Stewart
Sister – Sarah Boyd
Leslie – Scott Godfrey
Police Sergeant – Martyn Trigg
Bill – Graham Frosdick
Mother – Janet Pearce


Stage Manager – Graham Peters
Set Design – Graham Peters, Angela Arnell
Set Build – Graham Peters, the A Team
Continuity – Maggie Baird, Betty Miller
Lighting – Michael Cooper, Jamie Povey
Lighting Consultants/Special Effects – Michael Auvray, Peter Bennett
Properties – Diane Frosdick, Sue Newman, Teresa Cassidy, Cara Young
Wardrobe – Marjorie Sawyer, Carole Bramall
Wig – Christine Angell
Sound Design – Jean Franks
Sound Operation – Terry Moseley
Front of House photos – Fred Ruffell