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Jack and The Beanstalk (1983)

Jack and The Beanstalk
Written and directed by Bill and Pauline Fielder
1 – 15 January 1983

Erith’s unique take on Jack and his beans. Fun for all the family.


Dame Vera Sprat – Mike Rand
Squire Swaggermore – Keith Jarman
Bill Bark – Alan James
Ben Bite – Roger Butler
Jack – Carol Butler
Jill – Janet Pearce
Daisy – Richard Selley, Karl Stevens
Rary – Marion Ellis
Druscilla – Christine Giles
Giant – Tom Ellis
‘Enery – Jeannie McCullough

The Girls: Jacqueline Annal, Jeannie McCullough, Denise Brown, Linda Jefferies, Lesley Port, Molly Pritchard

The Boys: Michael Angell, Trevor Coleman, Graham Frosdick, David Higley, Anthony Hullett, Vernon Leese

Musicians: Jennifer Anderson, Fritz Howman, Mick Howard


Musical Director – Jennifer Anderson
Choreographer – Jeannie McCullough
Set Design/Stage Manager – Christine Jarman and Andy Birmingham
Lighting – Mike Auvray, Peter Bennett
Sound – Bill Brookes
Properties – Sue Birmingham, Joanna Lovell, Joy Gould
Wardrobe – Marjorie Sawyer
Assistant Stage Manager – Sue Holmes, Claire Kingshott
Additional Lighting – The Bennett Orwell Lighting Group
Set Construction – PPSCU
Rary created by – Elizabeth Hunt