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Jane Eyre (1963)

Jane Eyre
Dramatised from Charlotte Bronte’s novel by Helen Jerome
Directed by Eve Prestage
4 – 9 March 1963

Condensing the dramatic action of the classic novel, playwright Helen Jerome, as in her acclaimed adaptation of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’, produces a thrilling and compelling stage version. Young Jane Eyre comes to Thornfield, the estate of the brooding Rochester, to be a governess to Adele, his child ward. Rochester is an unhappy man with a lunatic wife whom he must keep locked up. As Jane’s presence begins to lighten his mood, they come to an understanding which it is assumed will lead to marriage. However, Jane discovers Rochester’s secret and leaves Thornfield, returning to discover that the lunatic has burned down the estate killing herself in the fire and leaving Rochester free to marry Jane.


Jane Eyre – Pat Watson
Rochester – Brian Cottee
Mrs Fairfax – Audrey Christianson
The Maniac – Joan March
Grace Poole – Shirley Osborne
Adele Varens – Carol Goldsmith
Lord Ingram – Robert Pettyfer
Lady Ingram – Kathie Clarke
Blanche Ingram – Betty Willard
Briggs – Ted Brookes
Revd. Wood – John Ormandy
Richard Mason – Don Morris
Diana Rivers – Joan Ewens
St.John Rivers – David Burton
Leah – Jennifer Jones
Hannah – Janet Thorne


Stage Manager – Ken Toobey
Assistant – Bev Ash & Rita English
Electrician – Roy Wood
Properties – Doreen Spencer, Sandra Shorney and Sylvia Foster
Set Design – Robert Pettyfer