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Jane Eyre (2002)

Jane Eyre
Written by Charlotte Bronte
Directed by Barry Hooper
25 February – 2 March 2002

This new production of Charlotte Bronte’s gothic tale has been adapted by Polly Teale and was first presented by the Shared Experience Theatre Company. Jane Eyre is a love story of an intelligent young woman determined to remain her own person. A novel which was rare in its time for its sympathetic portrayal of the love of a married man for another woman. Above all, this is a drama of passionate intensity whose pace never slackens.


Jane Eyre – Claire Lewis-McClean
Bertha – Kellie Risby
John Reed and Mr. Rochester – Ian Saxton
Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Fairfax – Pauline Ellard
Bessie, Blanche Ingram, Grace Poole, Diana Rivers, Woman – Michelle Hawes
Abigail, Helen Burns, Adele, Mary Rivers – Lindsay Fraser
Brocklehurst, Pilot the Dog, Lord Ingram, St. John Rivers, Footman, Clergyman – Richard Self
Teacher, Rochester’s House, Richard Mason – Gareth Hunt


Stage Manager – Len Huntley
Continuity – Margaret Penny
Set Design – Colin Burring
Lighting – Alan Hunt, Pamela Hunt
Sound – Graham King, Keith Jarman
Set Construction – Mick Holland, Colin Burring, Richard Self, John McLaren, Len Huntley, Barry Hooper
Costumes – Majorie Sawyer, Carol Bramall

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