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Journey’s End

Journey’s End
by R.C.Sherriff
Directed by Janet Pearce
13 – 18 November 2006

RC Sherriff’s ground-breaking play remains one of the most powerful and successful pieces of modern drama and one of the most acclaimed examples of literature that deals with the tragedy and horror of conflict. Set over the course of four days leading up to a massive German attack on the British trenches in 1917, ‘Journey’s End’ charts the tension and claustrophobia as the new recruit to the company, Lieutenant Raleigh, discovers that Captain Stanhope, his former childhood friend and hero, has changed almost beyond recognition.


Captain Hardy – John Sinclair
Lieutenant Osborne – Richard Self
Private Mason – Graham Frosdick
Lance Corporal Broughton – Faron Culver
2nd Lieutenant Raleigh – Matthew Kellett
Captain Stanhope – James Turner
2nd Lieutenant Trotter – Mark Campbell
2nd Lieutenant Hibbert – Michael Bate
Sergeant Major – Ian Giles
The Colonel – Colin Bailey
German Soldier – Danny Eycott


Stage Manager – Graeme Horner
Set Design – Graeme Horner
Set Construction – Graeme Horner, Steve Lovell, Frank Andrews
Continuity – Betty Bailey
Lighting – Samantha Hotchkin, Peter Bennett
Sound Design and Effects – Jean Franks
Sound Operator – Bill Brookes
Whistler – Keith Jarman
Props – Sue Newman, Diane Frosdick
Costumes – Marjorie Sawyer, Carole Bramall
Costumes Supplied by – Flame Torbay Costume Hire Limited
Donation of Set Materials – Miskin Theatre