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Kiss Me Like You Mean It

Kiss Me Like You Mean It
Written by Chris Chibnall
Directed by Keith Jarman
7 – 12 June 2004

On a midsummer’s night in Manchester, Tony and Ruth meet at a party in a shabby terrace house. On the floor above, Don and Edie, married fifty years, are having a party of their own; only gradually does its purpose become apparent. As the night progresses, love is in the air; the start for Tony and Ruth, the end for Edie and terminally ill Don who will take death, as they have life, together.


Ruth – Emma Stewart
Tony – Ben Stevens
Edie – Pauline Ellard
Don – Keith Jarman


Stage Manager – Holly Jarman
Properties – Amanda Green
Assistant Stage Manager – Kerry Mapp
Lighting – John Hart, Peter Bennett
Set Construction and Decor – Len Huntley, Mick Holland, Keith Jarman, Holly Jarman, Christine Angell, Polly Owen
Sound Effects – Anne Stevens